On Ankara Denizciler Boulevard, Uludağ Kebap Restaurant opened its doors as a small, four table diner in 1956. As the restaurant gained popularity, Uludağ Kebap defined flavor and continued its growth.

Later on, at a new location on the same boulevard, Uludağ Kebap continued to serve great flavor at a two-story, 250 person place.

Next, due to popular demand, with a two-thousand person seating capacity, by the Istanbul Florya Ataturk Sea Pavilion, presenting a view of the sea and the forest together, Uludağ Kebap opened Uludağ Meat Restaurant, serving a rich kebab menu. Uludağ Kebap, which was already famous for its kebabs, continued its success inIstanbulwith a greater menu than what they were already famous for inAnkara.

In 1995, the Uludağ Kebap Restaurant onDenizciler Boulevardmoved to a more modern, technologically more advanced, eight story building to better serve their guests. The third branch that opened as a steakhouse in Cayyolu in 2001 was a leading business in the development of Cayyolu. It is serving guests living outside of the city center, the Uludağ quality, with a 400 person indoor seating capacity and a 450 person outdoor seating capacity, indoor and outdoor play areas, and plenty of parking spaces.


In November 2007, inOran, opening two separate rooms with a 220 person seating capacity at the Restaurant Alley in the basement of Panora Shopping Mall andLifeCenter, Uludağ Kebap presented its guests with unmatched taste of grilled meats, mezes, and various cold vegetable dishes. For meetings, there is also a private space that can hold up to 70 guests, available to serve meals and hold presentations with projection. Panora ULUDAĞ MEAT RESTAURANT provides excellent quality, taste and service with the convenience of a covered parking lot, wide view of the green terraces, pools and walking paths to further enhance their guest’s experience.

At the beginning of 2012, Uludağ Meat Restaurant opened another branch in Gaziosmanpaşa, serving its guests at the heart of the city yet within nature, in a peaceful, green garden, with its comfortable and stylish rooms. TheGaziosmanpaşaGreenValleybranch can hold 300 guests in two separate rooms. One of the rooms is available to provide slide and projection presentations and hold private meetings. The 350 person garden is designed with natural greenery, trees, pools and waterfalls. With its large and fun indoor and outdoor play areas for children and private parking, guests can find the Uludağ taste and quality that they have come to love, at the Uludağ Meat Restaurant Gaziosmanpaşa branch. 

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