In November 2007, inOran, opening two separate rooms with a 220 person seating capacity at the Restaurant Alley in the basement of Panora Shopping Mall andLifeCenter, Uludağ Kebap presented its guests with unmatched taste of grilled meats, mezes, and various cold vegetable dishes. For meetings, there is also a private space that can hold up to 70 guests, available to serve meals and hold presentations with projection. Panora ULUDAĞ MEAT RESTAURANT provides excellent quality, taste and service with the convenience a covered parking lot, wide view of the green terraces, pools and walking paths to further enhance the guest’s experience.


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Panora AVM Turan Güneş Bulvarı No:182/66-67 ORAN/ ANKARA
Tel: 0312 490 00 10
Fax: 0312.490 00 54

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